This guy did it, and it didn't take a lottery win.

Who wouldn't want to retire in their thirties? Let's face it, you may love your job, but wouldn't it be nice to not have to answer to anyone but yourself?

Marc Hardekopf is retired, and he's 37.

The cool thing about this is he didn't inherit a bunch of money, or win the lottery. He had a plan, did the hard work early, and now he's relaxing with his family.

When he was 23, Marc graduated law school and was $65,000 in debt. He worked as a staff attorney in New York City for 10 years, never making six figures.

Marc is smart. He maxed out his 401k, IRAs and other retirement accounts available to city employees. He moved his family to Florida, worked two more years, then retired. Marc's net worth is now in the SEVEN digits!

All sounds great, but how did he do it? He lived frugal, to the extreme. He didn't have a car until he was 34, and only took a taxi once a year. Marc didn't have a phone bill because he didn't get a cell phone until 2011. Most of us couldn't imagine this, but if there's will there's a way.

See his full story in the video, it's crazy how much this guy was able to save. And if you're thinking he was making a lot of money, think about this, he was living in New York City. My understanding is a salary there doesn't go as far as the same salary in West Michigan.

I love my job, but this makes me wish I would have made some better financial decisions when I was in my twenties!

Actually after I saw this, I started packing my lunch. Will save $200 a month!