A time traveler? Well, not really. But this guy knows what it's like to jump ahead 44 years.

A report from Al Jazeera America introduces us to Otis Johnson. Otis is a 69-year-old who has spent the last 44 years in prison. Otis went to prison when he was 25, in other words he's been locked up since the 1970s.

People in prison are not necessarily shut off from the world, but they're not totally connected either. Think about this, he missed the entire Steve Jobs era. When he went to prison music was consumed on a record player. The very idea of a song being on in MP3 format is totally foreign to Otis.

Just watch the video, his take on people using this technology is incredible. Why is everyone staring at a small rectangular object they hold in their hand? Why does everyone have a wire going from their ear to this object?

You can find Otis' entire story here.