Social media sucks sometimes!  Yeah, I know this story will be promoted on social media, but the fact that it enables so many people to be so rude and self-righteous with their opinions, which they deliver AS FACT, is a real buzzkill sometimes.

Back in the day, we did stuff and because not everyone could hide behind a made up user name, people kept their opinions where they should, to themselves.

I really feel bad for ANY parent out there, because of all the "PERFECT" parents we have in the world.  You know who I'm talking about, they're the ones who tell every other parent what you're doing wrong, as they let their kids eat donuts and Cheetos all day and watch rated R movies at age 7. But hey, if that works for you, and your child's nutritional and developmental needs are being met, then we shouldn't be so quick to judge what is right and wrong with every single moment. No one's perfect, we learn all the slow your judgy roll!

So now that I've had that rant, THIS Instagram photo posted by Victoria Beckham has ticked me off, because of ignorant asshats who have turned this precious moment between a mom and a 5-year-old into something sexual and perverse.


Unfortunately, most of the 12,000+ comments are people defending the picture because a few commenters believe that you shouldn’t kiss your kids on the lips:

giftedtounge Eyes closed, head tilted, thats makin out 👄 not kid kisses 


streetgang666 Looks like mommys lookin for some action,yuk,u don't kiss kids like that!


__justin__1 Eww


__justin__1 And why doesn't the little girl have a shirt on?


I guess I just don’t understand this.  Kids and parents kissing on the lips is a normal thing, it happens everywhere around the world and doesn’t have to be sexual.  The only difference is most parents don’t put that moment on social media.  But I worry MORE for the all the people who take this moment and try to make it sexual, the little girl is 5 years old; you might need help.

Thankfully more people feel the way I do and like I said, most of the 12K comments have been more like this:

hbs.11People that are sexualizing this, need to grow up. It's a mother kissing her daughter. There's nothing wrong with this. Get over yourself.


davieniaMummy daughter bond....there's nothing like it!!😚


mighty.titangerent There is nothing wrong with this picture. She is showing her daughter to love and not hate.. I raised two children who are adults now. I have kissed then since the day they were born on the lips. They greet me with a kiss and a big hug everytime I see them. If more mothers showed affection to there children there would be less hate in the world. My parents raised us to hug and kiss our grandparents and family!


carlijnklepkejanssen Pure love!! I get those kisses everyday from my kids. Just a sign of love!! People who get offenses of it they have a sick mind.


ilovetruthpasteSuch sweetness 💙


myfamilyandhomeAmazing picture😍 Pure love between a mother and daughter is the best thing in life❤️

Now in case you're wondering... NO, I don't still kiss my family on the lips; but that was my decision when I was 8 or 9 and felt I had outgrown kissing on the lips.  Well that, and a part of my family falls into the "asshat" category that always had something disgusting to say, which may also be why I feel so passionately about this being OK.