Meet Pancake the most adorable little kitty who has something special about her, she only has two legs. Pancake was born with a skeletal deformity that left her with no right leg and a left leg that is folded up and cannot be used for walking.

Her initial owners were planning on putting her to sleep, but was rescued just in time by Megan Malone. Megan heard about the little kittens story from her sister and knew she had to have her. She adopted the kitten, which she named Pancake.

At first Megan was worried Pancake would not be able to live a normal life and though the first few weeks were testy Pancake soon started showing that she could live a mostly normal life:

“She’s a normal little kitten. There’s nothing wrong with her as far as she’s concerned. Like any other cat, she wakes me up really early in the morning. She likes to be pet and cuddled.”

We just love Pancake, and love Megan for giving her a chance at life and a wonderful home!

Check out her Facebook Page and her adorable YouTube video: