I found out that needing a fire extinguisher at a critical time, and having one on hand are two different things.

I am a very lucky man, but I learned a valuable lesson.

Last night while preparing an impeccable flatbread pizza of garlic, Italian seasonings and cheddar cheese, I found out why every home should have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

I've often thought about getting one, but never got one, and it almost cost me my home.

After putting the pizza in the oven, I turned to prepare some salami for the side, when I smelled smoke, I turned to the oven to see flames in the oven window.

Had I had a fire extinguisher, it would have been a two second fix, but I didn't, and as the flames built up, my head went through different scenarios as to how to put out the fire.

Luckily, I opened my pantry to see a canvas shopping bag, which was large enough, I hoped to suffocate the flames.

It worked, but my finger was badly burned when I grabbed the grill to get it out of the way. A small price to pay for being a dumbass.

Buy a fire extinguisher for your kitchen, you'll be glad you did.

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