An insane tale of online dating made its way to Twitter on Sunday night, August 19th and it blew up the internet!  This story is of a Tinder date gone completely crazy.

A few weeks ago the Twitter user @bvdhai matched with a woman on Tinder named Natasha Aponte.  The two started to chat and the woman asked him if he would like to go out on a date.  He jumped at the chance, but that's when things started to get weird...

Natasha told him that she was really busy at work so she couldn't meet up for a couple of weeks.  The guy totally thought she was just ghosting him, but he said that's fine, and they planned on talking again in a few weeks.

Well, after a couple of weeks go by, Natasha actually texted him about that date.  She asked him if he'd like to meet her at a park in New York to see her friend DJ.  He agreed, but when he arrived for the date, he was a little bit suspicious because there was a stage set up in the park and a group of a couple dozen men standing near it.

That's when Natasha revealed what was going on.  The girl that he matched with on Tinder walked up on the stage, grabbed a microphone and announced that she had matched with a couple dozen guys on Tinder and invited all of the guys out to the park.  The guys all looked pretty suspicious of the situation and Natasha went on to say that all the guys still have a chance to go on a date with her, but they had to compete for her affection.

Natasha had a series of events set up for the guys to compete in to win a date with her.  After she explained was going on, several of the guys left or backed off to watch the contest from the sidelines.  The Twitter user @bvdhai, who posted the story on his feed, took this video of the "sprinting event" and sent it to Gothamist.

No one ended up reporting on what eventually happened with the contest, but it definitely appears that some of the guys ended up competing for her.  We hope it was worth it because it seems like if you were selected by Natasha, you won the date, but you lost your dignity.