The zoo simulated an escaped chimpanzee as a result of an earthquake. A brave zookeeper dressed in a chimp suit pretended to be the escapee while police and fire rescue chased after him in an attempt to catch and secure the primate.

More than 100 people participated in the simulation and took their job very seriously. A video was posted of the drill and you can see staff escorting people out of the park and multiple authorities holding tranquilizer guns trying to capture the rebellious chimp.

At about the ten minute mark into the fifty minute simulation, staff attempted to net the chimp. Their attempt failed with the result of a staff member being bitten on the shoulder by the costumed chimp man.

Once the primate reached the west side of the park, the staff successfully shot him with a fake tranquilizer dart. The chimp then collapsed and authorities scoped him up with a net and loaded him in a truck.

Surprisingly, animals escaping zoo's isn't uncommon. In April of last year, a chimp named Chacha escaped the Sendai zoo. The primate swung from power lines and electric poles but the scenario ends just like the Tama simulation.

Tama Zoological Park has been using their unusual emergency drill since 1977 and it's not always a chimp they're after. They've even role played with lions and black rhinos.