I like to pride myself on my "geeky" side. I like sci-fi, I like action movies, and while I can be pretty girly, I also like a lot of ass kicking movies. That said, I am not ashamed to admit, I love the Twilight series! First off I read the books back when they came out; I call that, 'BT" (Before Taylor Lautner) I liked the books from the get go. They are quick easy reads, a fun romance that can take you some place that is not work, school, or the stress of everyday life. Much like every woman in America I too listen to every man in my life whine about Twilight and how dumb it is... yeah, yeah, yeah we get it men you don't like Twilight and guess what we don't like half the stupid crap you like either! (I had to get that one out.) I like many others went to the midnight showing on opening night! When I say many others I mean MANY others, the film brought in over 30 million dollars on it's first night open! I loved the movie! It was a great close to a great series! If you haven't seen it yet and have not read the books then beware this may contain a few spoilers, but if you have read the book, then you'll appreciate my top 5 favorite moments~

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    Crazy Vampire Sex

    I was a little surprised at just how adult the film got. Considering the books originally were written as YA (young adult) fiction novels the sex scenes got pretty graphic. Not that I am complaining! Edward & Bella got a little crazy once she was "turned" leading to some crazy vampire love scenes... Think of it this way, remember the first 3 films (books) how Edward & Bella never really fooled around, they just got all heated up and awkward and "couldn't" take it anywhere because, well, he didn't want to accidently kill her... that said; they had a lot of pent up energy those two and definitely ended the foreplay that bounced back in forth in the first three movies!

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    Jacob Fan's Get A Peep Show

    Now if Edward doesn't do it for ya, good ole' Michigan native Taylor Lautner picks up the slack... While many women were bummed out that Jacob Black's physique wasn't exactly shown off in the last few films, it was this time. While it was a bit awkward since it was blatantly obvious they threw in the scene so he could be shirtless, it still was well worth it, Jacob has definitely grown up to be a hottie with a body... ;)

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    Renesmee Is Born!

    Before you think I am some crazy horn dog obsessed with vampire sex and Taylor Lautner's rock hard abs I figured I better start including some other portions of the film. First off, they picked the perfect kid to play Renesmee.. she was a gorgeous little girl and played the part perfectly. They definitely brought the book to life. You read the story and you know Renesmee grows at a quicker rate, you know she's part mortal whatever but seeing it was amazing, they did a great job making her character true to the story.

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    Bella Gets Some Crazy Strength

    The whole series Bella is kind of whiney, and frankly kind of a wimp. That said finally K-Stew gets to show a little spunk and arm wrestle the very cute Emmett (played by Kellen Lutz) once she is 'turned'. I personally liked that they show her with some strength outside her hiding behind Jacob or Edward. The scene definitely added to the movie a little comedy and helped make Bella a little more fun!

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    An Epic Fight Scene

    There was no holding back in the fight scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2! Head were "rolling" (HA! Like my play on words?) I had gotten used to the typical Twilight-esque vampires, they sparkle... I mean really, it's not an action movie. They took the fight scene though to a new level, with out really have tons of blood and guts it still was most definitely intense, and Alice is a bad ass!