An accident Monday afternoon near Detroit involved 38 head of livestock and tied up traffic for over three hours.

The accident occurred on the westbound ramp to I-94 at I-75, slippery conditions did exist in the area after a heavy early morning snow.

The Michigan State Police reports that the incident happened at around 3:00pm Monday, and was closed until well past 6:00pm as crews were waiting for a second truck to pick up the remaining animals.

Several of the animals involved in the accident will have to be euthanized according to the State Police.

Tuesday morning crews were still at the scene cleaning up debris. The condition of the driver is still unknown. No word as to where the cows were headed, but the truck that picked up the surviving animals was from Albion.

The accident was part of a weird day on Detroit highways, as three people were killed in a shooting incident on I-96 at about the time the first accident was wrapping up. Two cars exchanged gunfire while speeding down the freeway.

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