Keke Palmer teased a potential True Jackson VP reboot.

The actress posted a video on TikTok and her social media accounts on Tuesday (April 21) of her dancing to the Nickelodeon show's theme song. The video text read, "When they canceled True Jackson VP prematurely just to reboot it in 2021."

She shared the video on Twitter with the caption, "Congrats! Another reboot! Y'all made this happen." The 26-year-old then retweeted some of the fan reactions to the news. One fan even created a mockup Netflix poster for the potential reboot to which Palmer replied crying face emojis.

The videos on her social media accounts have been viewed over 4 million times in under 24 hours. Fans even started to share videos of them dancing along to the theme song on TikTok in hopes to make this reboot a reality.

Watch the video, below.

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