If you are a millennial who hasn't been to New Jersey or Oregon, you probably have no idea what a full service gas station is.  Well, it's a gas station where someone pumps the gas for you!  If you have been to New Jersey or Oregon, you know that not only are full service gas stations everywhere, but you also know that it's ILLEGAL TO PUMP YOUR OWN GAS!

West Michigan is no stranger to full service gas stations, and after talking about it briefly this morning, we found out from some listeners that a few are still pumping your gas on the regular!

Venema Service Inc.
Venema Service Inc. is located at 100 E Washington Ave in Zeeland and they still offer full service! The hours for the gas station are only 8am to 5pm, so don't expect any late night fill ups! According to Google reviews, "Calling this a 'gas station' hardly explains it."  And that's the truth!  They also have some of the best mechanics in the area!

Don's BP Service
The other suggestion from a listener is Don's BP Service located at 2400 28th St SW in Wyoming. Don's also offers full service but, like Venema, Don's has limited hours of just 8am to 5:30pm. Don's also offers mechanic work and according to reviews, they are very helpful and very accommodating!

Those were the only two full service gas stations that were recommended to us, but we'd love to hear about some more! Post your suggestions in the comments!

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