Fox 17 reports two teenage boys were shot Saturday night after the Grand Rapids Fireworks show at the Big Boy on Pearl Street.

Police told Fox 17 the two teens, ages 17 & 19, were taken to the hospital, and police believed the injuries to be non-life threatening.  Police were working the shooting while also trying to get the firework spectator traffic out of downtown.

As they were dealing with that, WOODTV reports what police believe to be an unrelated shooting, occurred at 6th Street and Front Ave NW.  Police say the victims there were a male and a female.  The male was killed and the female was still in surgery just after midnight, according to WOODTV.

Again, as of now, the police don't believe these shooting were related.

The investigation into both shootings Saturday night remains under investigation.  If you have any info that could help police, call GRPD at 616-456-3400 or through SILENT OBSERVER.

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