They're calling this the "Phoenix Lights."   Those who believe in life from other planets say it's proof; those who don't believe say it was some electromagnetic phenomena that was messing with the electronics.  Whether you believe or not, you have to admit it is very peculiar.

During a Phoenix TV traffic report, an explosion-like light brightly appeared in the camera shot.  There were no power transformer explosions (the station checked with Arizona Power) and no explosions reported, either.

You can watch the video below.  One unsettling comment on the YouTube channel said:

The same type of lights were caught on camera in Japan before the big 7.0 earthquake March 2011. I can't remember how long before. There seems to be a pattern though. Before a large earthquake: beached sea life like dolphins or whales; lights (probably from magnetic disruption like northern lights or flashes) like the one caught on camera here. Anyway, who knows, maybe there will be an earthquake nearby, like California.

And if you're a believer or conspiracy theorist, check this comment:

Full screen at 0:29 you can see a small circular light or ship escaping to the left of the screen between the explosion and her head.

Here's the video.