So Tonight we did our "Under Wood For Underwood" contest. Basically it was just a limbo contest, but we like to have cheesy names for stuff, or I do at least. We qualified people all week long to come up to the station to take part in the contest for 4th row win em' before you can buy em' tickets to see Carrie Underwood for her November 15th show at the Van Andel.

We had many people show up to take part and many people got about 3 and a half feet off the ground, until we got our final 3... Larry, Tony, and Kassie. Honestly I was surprised to see two guys in the finals, because as a man, I did not know we it was possible for us to bend that way. First to make it through at the lowest point was Larry, to the shock of many, playing for his 14 year old daughter.

Tony was next up, he did not make it, much to the dismay of his daughter hoping to see the show.  Finally it was Kassie fighting to keep the contest going. she was only 5 feet tall but did not manage to make it under, so it was Larry who was victorious.  But it is OK, 2nd and 3rd place did not get 4th row tickets, but they did score a pair of tickets to the show before you could buy them as well.

Thanks to everyone for taking part in contests that you can only find Channel 95-7 doing.