Police in Hartford, Conn. are looking for vandals who spray painted graffiti on a playground built to honor one of the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting (the little girl whose mother wrote a heartfelt letter to teachers at the beginning of this school year.)

The graffiti found last Sunday and later removed included graffiti tag "BEKS" and the sentence, "Peace to Sandy Hook," using a peace sign and the number "2."

The playground only opened a month ago and was built in honor of Ana Marquez-Greene, who was only six-years-old when she was killed along with 19 other students and six adults inside of the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Conn.

The playground is part of the Sandy Ground Project, which has been working to build a playground for each of the 26 shooting victims. Most  of the playgrounds have been built in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey in areas that also were impacted by Superstorm Sandy.

Another playground that was part of the project was also vandalized last week.

That playground was put up in honor of seven-year-old Grace McDonnell after the shooting. Last Tuesday, a vinyl sign weighing nearly 50 pounds and featuring a peace sign that was based on one of Grace's drawings was stolen from that playground.

Grace’s family only found out about the theft after a man claiming to have stolen the sign called them. Television stations in the area are saying that the alleged sign thief told Grace's mother that he took the sign because he believes that the school shooting was a hoax. He also told her that her daughter never existed.

A spokeswoman for the foundation (which is responsible for building the playgrounds) says that a replacement sign has been ordered.

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