Vendela Lindblom, Playboy's first shaved head Playmate, is addressing comparisons to 2007 Britney Spears.

The Swedish model told TMZ the she's been compared to Spears, 37, "several times," but that her shaved head is 100 percent by choice. She maintained that she "did not do a Britney" before buzzing off her locks.

"I did not do a Britney. I did not have a mental breakdown," she said with a laugh.

Ask whether she believe Spears' public melt down "set back" the shaved head look for women, Lindblom said absolutely not. In fact, she fondly recalled the tumultuous time for the "Toxic" singer.

"It was a fun thing. It was entertaining," she said.

Lindblom is the first shaved head model to appear on Playboy's cover, and she's excited about the honor. She told TMZ she was first approached about the opportunity in 2017, and came in to meet with executives about it this summer.

"they reached out over a year ago and asked if I was interested and then I came in for a meeting in July," she revealed.

"There's a lot of girl power in there," Lindblom said of the publication's make up.

As for why there's never been a model with a similar 'do on Playboy's cover before, the star wasn't quite sure. She added, however, "it's time for a change."

"I think now is the right time," she said.

Spears hasn't addressed the comparisons. Lindblom will grace the cover of the January 2019 issue of Playboy.

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