Twice a year since 2010, gamers from the "speedrunning" community come together for a week to showcase their skills and raise money for charity.

And it's one of those times of the year again!  Time for Awesome Games Done Quick 2019, benefiting the Prevent Cancer Foundation!

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Awesome Games Done Quick is a week long marathon of gamers trying to beat dozens of different games as fast as they can.  The games being played are anything and everything you can think of, including the Nintendo games from your childhood to modern PC games.

The gamers, who are better known as "speedrunners", use glitches and bugs to cheat the games they're playing and do tricks to beat them faster than you'd think possible.  I always love watching this marathon all week and make sure I am checking the schedule of games often so I don't miss any of my favorite games.

Even if you've only ever played video games when you were a kid, you should still take a few minutes and check out what these gamers can do.