We think that Steve really wants to get picked up by National Geographic because he keeps talking about the nature videos he's been doing with Charlotte.  He even made it in to one of today's Daddy Tips!

  1. Today’s first Daddy Tip is something that I just started doing with Charlotte and it is tons of fun! Make a TV show! Ok it sounds harder than it is but all you need is a smartphone really. We’ve been doing a nature show which you can check out on our YouTube page, just search Connie and Fish, and we put out a minute long episode each week. Just get iMovie or another video editing software on your phone and you can make a high quality show in just a couple hours each week. Charlotte loves doing voiceovers and watching her video. Check out this week's episode about caterpillars and butterflies.
  2. The next Daddy Tip is one I did a while ago, but I posted a picture of the tip on our social media yesterday and it blew up, so I wanted to share it again. Charlotte loves to go on walks with our dog Kobe but she always wants to hold the leash even though she isn’t strong enough to walk him yet, so I bring two leashes and I hook them both up to Kobe. I give one leash to Charlotte and I take the other one so she thinks she is in control, but in reality I’m still the one taking the dog for a walk.
  3. And the final Daddy Tip is to show your little one how to do shadow puppets. The other day I was looking for something in the bedroom after dark and I turned on the flashlight on my phone and all of a sudden I hear Charlotte cracking up. It turns out that she was amazed at the shadows that were being cast up against the wall. Now almost every night I set up my phone and do a shadow puppet show for her and it’s the highlight of her night. I even made up some characters, Mrs. Swizzlebottom, the English mother who loves crumpets, and cranky old Mr. Snagglethorn who always complains about kids in his yard.

And now it’s time for an awesome Dad Joke!

Q: How do you make a water balloon bounce?
A: Add spring water!

Listen to the entire segment below:

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