SO this would have been both a cool and scary sight while shopping in Meijer. You walk down an aisle, look up and there's a real, live hawk staring back at you. This scenario was a reality in the Meijer store in Howell on Thursday morning.

I'm sure you've been in a box store, be it a Meijer or a Walmart or even at the mall, and you'll see the little birds flying around, usually in the store from either the loading dock or garden center area.  But it’s definitely unusual to see a hawk just sitting there watching everyone. How did the bird even get in the store (other than an open door, I get that), like what led up to him flying into the Howell Meijer?  I know 10 for 10 deals are good... but I'm not wild bird good.

As you can see from the picture posted to Facebook from Linda Groza, the hawk was appropriately sitting around the pet supply section, and ironically sitting on a sign with menacing eyes of a bobcat on it. The post jokes that Meijer had new security with the bird sitting in the store keeping watch, but then also says there was an employee stationed nearby to keep an eye on the bird.

Can you imagine being given that job?

"Um, what if it comes at me?"

Store Manager: "Duck and then RUN!"


When I first saw the post, it made me think of another story also from Howell Michigan, when a hawk got itself stuck in a tree.  That story happened back in August of last year. In that story, the young hawk was wedged in the middle of the tree and Howell Firefighters had to lift the bird out of the precarious situation and set it free again.

Could it be the same hawk? I mean they're both in Howell and both weird situations for a hawk to get itself into, or do hawks just have really bad luck in Howell Michigan?

No matter what, at least Meijer had a majestic bird stuck in their store. I feel like Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory" but yes I have a hierarchy of majestic birds, and they were lucky they got one of them. Want to know the "Majestic Bird" ranking, I’m my opinion? It goes Bald Eagle, Falcon, Hawk... and then all the others with the Dodo bird and chicken at the bottom.  One's extinct and the other can't fly, neither of those situations are what I’d consider majestic. Technically a pterodactyl would be the most majestic bird if it were still alive, and then Bald Eagle, Falcon, and Hawk. (And yes I know the pterodactyl is extinct as well, but so are all dinosaurs; they were all wiped out together. Dodo’s became extinct while other birds and animals around them did not. Pterodactyls are also always featured in Jurassic Park.  When was the last time a Dodo was featured in a movie franchise?)

Ok, and with that, I'm done.


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