A new fast food joint, Roy Rogers, just opened in New Jersey on Tuesday and apparently this part of NJ hasn't had the restaurant in many years so residents were excited. So excited that hundreds of people camped out the night before so they could be one of the first to get a fresh juicy burger (or whatever they're known for). The restaurant was also giving out $300 gift cards to the first 50 customers.

Regardless of the incentive, hundreds were camped out and waiting from midnight! According to the New Jersey Herald, people were out there for hours that the chain started distributing tea and coffee, a local dance group provided entertainment and another business brought fruit for the waiting customers. Totally unfair, this has never happened while I've been waiting for shoes!!

I've never heard Roy Rogers but I imagine it's good since people were willing to wait for hours. I know we here in West Michigan are looking forward to Chick-fil-A but who's actually going to stand in line for hours waiting for the grand opening? But then again it IS Chick-fil-A.

What have you camped out for or waited hours in line for?

Mario Tama / Getty Images