If you spend a lot of time on the roads during your commute, or have nothing else going on, you might be perfect for being a MDOT “Road Watcher”.

No you don’t get a cool sash to wear or flashing yellow lights on your car, but throughout the winter you’d report back to MDOT on how well they are maintaining road conditions and any areas that need some extra attention.

It’s all voluntary, so you don’t make any money, but you could definitely help your and others’ daily winter drive.

If you are a “Road Watcher” the MDOT website says :

Participants will be asked to complete periodic, brief online surveys based on their experiences. Participation in the surveys is completely voluntary. We value direct and honest feedback, with the goal of improving our processes and practices so we can better serve our motorists.


Become a “Road Watcher” or find out more on it HERE

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