As a woman working downtown, I'll admit to getting freaked out leaving work late at night. Hey, there are some crazy folk in this world and I have been approached by some weirdos.  Usually it's fairly harmless-- they want a ride, some change, a cigarette. But it could just as easily turn dangerous, which is really scary. Our office building managers released a warning yesterday about a specific person to watch out for. His name is Denver Gunn, and he wants to scam you. Seriously.

No, I am not even kidding about his name. Really, "Denver Gunn"? Yes, it's comical. Wendy and I were discussing that he sounds like a Western porn star. However--  this person is a real threat to people working downtown. We are told he is not dangerous from a personal safety standpoint, but he is a con man and a thief. He is apparently very well-spoken and charismatic.

His game is to sneak into office buildings early in the morning or late in the afternoon, as people are entering and exiting. He tries to blend in, and then steal things of value. He may also be asking for money by telling convincing stories.

Who to watch out for: an African American male, mid 30s, approximately 5' 6" and 240 lbs who may go by the name of Denver Gunn.

What to do if you see him: Call Grand Rapids Police immediately at (616) 456-3400 and report it may be Denver Gunn.  Next notify your building's property manager or maintenance company.

Ways to stay safe:

Lock up all your valuables. Keep your purse out of plain sight-- not on your desk, not sitting by your feet-- lock it up!

Don't  prop open any entry or stairwell doors. Even if a door automatically locks and you're thinking you'll just be a second, you know, why not just prop it open?-- don't! Get someone to open it back up for you, or make sure you take your key or key card.

Watch people when you enter or exit your building-- make sure the door is closed behind you and others are not entering after you.

Lock your vehicle!

If it's after dark, don't walk to your vehicle alone.

Lastly, trust your gut. If something feels off, it probably is.

--Thanks to Adam who shared a photograph of the suspect with us. Check it out here.