Britney Spears and Demi Lovato made a beaming pair as they strutted out onstage at the Fox upfronts with ‘X Factor‘ creator and judge Simon Cowell. The duo made it official earlier today, and now we have video of the momentous confirmation of months of rumors. The gals couldn’t look happier, and even the usually subdued Cowell looks stoked!

The gals and fellow veteran judge L.A. Reid strolled out alongside Cowell, who pantomimed like a symphony conductor, clearly proud of his new lineup. “Well, we delivered,” he began. “Rumors are one thing,” he said, addressing the months and months of speculation, “and delivering is another.” We’re so glad that they delivered — and with two of the biggest stars on the planet, we bet the suits are glad, too.

“It’s taken a year to get to where we’ve gotten today,” Cowell said, “and I am thrilled to be able to confirm, as you can see, the return of L.A. Reid, the addition of Demi Lovato and the superstar Britney Spears.” Lovato and Reid were the most visibly excited about the announcement, with Reid riling up the crowd and Lovato grinning from ear to ear and waving to the audience.

Spears was a bit more subdued, perhaps overwhelmed, but had only positive words to say about joining the show. She almost sounded teary! “Well, first of all, I am so excited about this whole experience,” she said earnestly. “It’s going to be so much fun and so different from anything I’ve ever done — and I’m ready to find a true star.” So sweet, that Brit!

Demz had her own cute speech. “I am totally stoked to be here, because of not only the opportunity to be a judge, but the presence of you guys,” she said, looking at the rest of her panel, “it’s just an honor to be standing next you. I’m excited to represent my generation, and I’m ready to find the winner!”

Reid was charming and smooth as usual, calling the panel “the Rolls Royce of television.” Cowell echoed Reid and then some. “This year, we are going to seriously kick butt.” Based on how many new viewers they’re going to get? We totally agree.

Watch the Fox Upfronts ‘X Factor’ Announcement