Dave Dyer is not only a stand up comedian, but he's also a Plainfield Township fire fighter, and last week he talked about both careers at TEDx in Detroit.

Dave has been a road comic for almost thirty years, and at the young age of 48, he decided to try something new and in a desire to give back to the community where he lived, he became a fire fighter.

Dave gave a TED talk last week about the trials and tribulations of being a stand up comic, about all the work he put into it, and how, on a night in Buffalo, NY it all paid off when a patron at a comedy club gave him the ultimate compliment.

He also talked about how his dad taught him to be nice to people whenever you can, because you never know what kind of baggage they are carrying around, and to help people whenever possible.

Which is why he became a firefighter.

"I knew I was going to like it," Dyer says about his new career, "I had no idea I was going to love it."

"I love to help people," Dyer continued, "Not for purposes of boosting my own ego, but for the lessons my dad taught me. If you can make someone's day just a little bit better, do it."

Now you wouldn't normally think these two disparate careers would have similar themes, but they do, and Dave explains how in his short presentation.

I suppose the object of TED talks are not only to motivate you, but to see the motivations behind what people do and why they do it. If that is the case, Dave succeeds on both levels.

Hopefully, you will find some inspiration as well.

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