I hope I'm this spry at 69. 36th District Court Judge Deborah Ford let loose to Megan Thee Stallion's 'Thot S***' to show she's still got it. Got what? I'm not sure.

The old saying goes 'Dance like no one else is watching', except they are...especially if you post it to YouTube.

Judge Ford is spending her second straight birthday at due to the pandemic, and she is more than a little stir crazy.

Ford posted a video of her dancing and twirling a baton to the song 'Thot Sh**', and I have to admit, she moves pretty well. Especially by the fact she can still do the splits at 69. I can't. And I'm only 63.

The veteran judge is a veteran baton twirler, having been one during her high school days at Detroit's Cass Tech. She also was a cheerleader in college.

"I always liked music, I always liked dance, I always liked color - I always liked light," she told FOX 2 News.

The Detroit native is not only a judge, but an accomplished painter and a certified florist.

And she dances to keep herself felling young. Past videos have included her dancing to James Brown, but this year she chose Megan Thee Stallion as a message to the younger generation.

"To the young people I would like to say - there are older people that care about you, that are trying to reach out to you, and trying to understand you," Ford told FOX 2. "Keep steppin,' keep steppin' - it's not over until it's over - and it's not."

So here you go, Judge Ford's birthday video. WARNING: The song choice has more than few cuss words in it. Most of them are bleeped.

"What spoke to me about her, number one - she's my daughter's age - born in '95. And she wanted to make sure she finished college, and her mother was a rapper - that spoke to me."


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