The steam in Tom Izzo's head rose to a point where it had to be released Thursday night. Unfortunately, it went in Gabe Brown's direction. 

As MSU went into the tunnel at half time, leading UCAL by 11, Izzo took his wrath out on Brown by grabbing him to tell him something. Brown really didn't like being manhandled, and it got ugly for a minute.

Izzo is a great coach, but his temper gets the best of him from time to time, and one really doesn't want to be near him when it does.


While the incident looked really ugly, most of his players understand that it's part of the deal when you play for State.

Izzo got in Aaron Henry's grill earlier last season and Henry shrugged it off, like he's used to it.

Coaches are prone to tempers, and Izzo's looks volatile at times. But its important to note than even the chill Juwan Howard down the road at UM lost his cool in the Big Ten tournament, getting tossed out after mixing it up with Maryland coach Mark Turgeon.

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