So traditionally Labor Day acts as the unofficial end of summer.  Usually, we still have warm days and you wonder if you gave up on keeping the pool open or going to the beach too soon. But school starts, fall sports start, and summer is winding down.

This year though, the weather has been taking cues from our holidays.  Remember, it was chilly until Memorial Day and then all of the sudden it wasn't chilly anymore and according to meteorologists, then became our sunniest and warmest summer in quite some time. Then Labor Day rolled around, and this week has definitely felt like fall has arrived - even though officially summer ends September 21st.

Well, one more thing that shows that summer is quickly fading is the fact that last night was our last sunset that will happen after 8 pm. I'm sure you've also noticed that it's staying darker longer, which is NOT helpful as we all try to get back into a routine with school starting and people trying to go back to work.  But yes, as of last night, the sun won't be setting after 8 pm until next year. Kind of depressing, isn't it?

There's one more sign that summer may be quickly getting out of the mitten state. Looking ahead at the forecast, it's not looking like we'll be hitting the 80-degree mark again this month either?  Possibly next Thursday we'll be close at 78, but the rest of the month (as of now) has us in the lower 70's. Of course, this is Michigan, and we've been surprised before, but I guess what I'm trying to get at is that we need to enjoy every moment we can outside - socially distanced of course - before we self-quarantine again, this time because of the colder weather.

Fingers crossed summer 2021 is more social than this one was.

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