In need of a gag or strange gift for that lady in your life?

These might just do the trick and offend her, too! LOL

braZing ($13–$18) at The braZing


Pretty bra straps: because regular bras don't have these already?


BraZing embellished bra strap covers




Cuchini ($16.95) at


Camel toe an issue for you? Well, this is a sticky pad for your undies that will keep that from happening.






Emergency Bra ($29.99–$49.99) at EBbra


Yeah, when suddenly there's just noxious fumes in the air, this will save your life.


Emergency Bra




GoGirl ($12.99) at


This is probably the most useful item on this list. Whether you're camping or just in an emergency where you have got to go, this will keep your pee off your leg.

But as a gift? No. No. No.


GoGirl peeing funnel




Boob Glue ($34.95) at Bosom Couture


To stick them somewhere where they don't normally go? What?


Boob Glue




My New Pink Button ($29.95) at My New Pink Button


This will make a part of your body pink. Um, probably not ever necessary.


My New Pink Button labia dye




Also: pink everything


Just because it's pink doesn't mean she'll love it.


stupid pink products aimed at women




Fresh Breasts ($11.99) at


Does she have sweaty breasts? Well, this cream will keep them fresh and not oily like lotion would do.


Fresh Breasts anti-chafing boob cream





Midol ($6.01) at and Pamprin ($4.05) at


Yeah, I mean she might have cramps or irritability.

This one won't offend her at all ;)

Pain relievers marketed towards women


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