It’s okay, Wes Welker. We can forgive you for missing Tom Brady’s pass, dropping the ball and contributing to the downfall of the New England Patriots at the 2012 Super Bowl. Everyone makes mistakes, but that’s not why we’re forgiving you. We’re letting this one slide because you’re one of the hottest NFL wide receivers of all time.

Don’t let Gisele’s criticisms get to you that much. She’s just trying to be a good wife to Tom Brady. She doesn’t realize that you’re just as hott as he is. Just think, you’re so attractive that your making the man mustache, which normally invokes images of creepy, gangly men, into a trend again. That’s no simple task. Tons of hipsters are trying to pull it off and they just can’t.

So, just remember, as long as you keep up that pretty face of yours, we’ll forgive you for any future football flubs.