Bryce Sprank, the team manager of the West Catholic High School JV basketball team, had the game of his life Thursday night against Muskegon Heights.

Bryce, who has autism, tried out for the team at the beginning of the season, but didn't make the cut. That didn't stop the coach from giving him a uniform and putting him into the game.

A couple of weeks ago, Bryce was put in the in the final minutes of West Catholic's game against Belding and sank an awesome three-pointer, and on Thursday night, coaches and teammates thought they same might happen.

Bryce ended up sinking two three-pointers in the game, and ended the game with eight points.

WZZM-13's Jennifer Pascua's son plays on the team, and told her that many of the other kids on the team didn't even realize that Bryce had autism.