Over the weekend, the Texas coast dealt with the effects of Hurricane Harvey including unprecedented flooding, with hundreds of thousands now needing help and the president promising the full force of the government.

You may not realize it yet, but Hurricane Harvey is about to be felt as far north as West Michigan, as gas prices start to rise.  Why? Problem with Houston being under water is, Houston is the energy capital of our country.  Most of our fuel is refined there, and the storm brought in all the people who work on drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

“I’m seeing some stations in Grand Rapids as low as $2.34. I would find one of those stations that’s under $2.40, maybe under $2.45 and probably fill up,” DeHaan advised Sunday. “I think come Tuesday, maybe Monday even, prices could shoot up to somewhere around $2.60 a gallon.”


The good news is… after Labor Day, when not as many people travel because of the high gas prices, the price per gallon is expected to come back down.

source: WOODTV