In one of his final acts in congress, West Michigan representative Peter Meijer joined Democrats and 38 other Republicans who voted for the bill to protect gay marriages in the country.

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Celebrations Take Part Across Country As Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Gay Marriage
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What is the Respect for Marriage Act?

The Respect For Marriage Act is a bill that gained bipartisan support in the United States House & Senate following the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe. vs Wade earlier in 2022.

Many believe that ruling could have jeopardized the precedent set for gay & interracial marriage with an earlier court ruling in 2013.

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Did Peter Meijer vote for the Respect for Marriage Act?

Meijer, who will be leaving congress following the end of the 117th session of Congress in January 2023, voted in support of the bill. He also voted in support of an earlier version of the bill in July 2022.

Will Peter Meijer return to congress for West Michigan?

No, Peter Meijer was unable to run against eventual winner Hillary Scholten in November's general election.

Why didn't Peter Meijer run in the general election of 2022?

Peter Meijer was defeated in the Republican Primary of 2022 by Trump-supported election-denier John Gibbs in the primary.

Gibbs later lost by double digits in the election to Democrat Hillary Scholten. That seat was won by a Democrat for the first time in nearly 50 years.

Will Peter Meijer run for Congress again?

It is unknown at this time if Meijer will again run for congress. He narrowly lost to Gibbs in the primary and the republican party seems less infatuated with Trump nominees following many of his candidates losing in 2022. Meijer would seem a likely candidate in the future to reach less extreme voters.

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