Starting at 4pm on Thursday December 22nd through Saturday, December 24th at 7pm, West Michigan is under a blizzard warning.

Blizzard Barrels Into Northeastern U.S.
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We are expecting anywhere between 10-20 inches of snow, 45 to 50 mile an hour winds, and possible snow banks that could each several feet in height, experts are warning that it's vital that everyone stay inside.

Snowstorm on the Highway during Rush Hour
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However, some people unfortunately don't have a safe option. So that's when the city calls a "code blue" which is an all hands on deck for opening shelters to those who need to get inside for their safety.

Where are the Warming Stations in West Michigan located?

These locations will be open for the 'foreseeable future' for those in need. If you have questions, you can contact these locations to ask questions about what they are offering.

Dégagé Ministries on Facebook
Dégagé Ministries on Facebook

Alano Club of Kent County, located at 1020 College Ave. NE, Grand Rapids
Crossroads Bible Church, located at 800 Scribner Ave. NW, Grand Rapids
Degage Ministries, located at 139 Sheldon Ave. SE, Grand Rapids
Exodus Place, located at 322 Front Ave. Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids Public Library (all locations)
Kent District Library (all locations)
Matthew’s House, located at 766 7th St. NW, Grand Rapids
Mel Trotter Ministries, located at 225 Commerce Ave. SW, Grand Rapids
Unlimited Alternatives, located at 321 Fuller Ave. NE, Grand Rapids
West Grand Neighborhood Organization, located at 754 Leonard St. NW #2, Grand Rapids

If you are in need of assistance during this winter storm, call 211 and you will be dispatched to a representative who will help you. Be safe, stay warm, and more importantly stay inside as much as you can.

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