Since I am not on air today, but am still manage to post my blogs, let's do a special Knightlines about what American adults believe in the most. 

According to a recent Harris Poll, 61% of all adults here in the states believe there is a hell and roughly the same amount of adults believe there is a devil living there.

The poll also reveals that many more people believe in hell, the devil, miracles and angels than in Darwin’s theory of evolution. Take a look below and see what the strongest beliefs are according to the survey.

• God: 82%
• Miracles: 76%
• Heaven: 75%
• Jesus is God or the Son of God: 73%
• Angels: 72%
• Survival of the soul after death: 71%
• Resurrection of Jesus: 70%
• The virgin birth (Jesus born of Mary): 61%
• Hell: 61%
• The devil: 60%