Graphic artist Steve Lovelace has offered up a pretty good redesign of our state flag, which is pretty bland.

But does it work for you?

'If you seek a beautiful peninsula, look about you' is our state motto and it dominates our current state flag design, with the slogan appearing in Latin as a banner underneath two dancing bucks holding a shield with a pioneer dude in it, and that's topped with an eagle, and our national motto unfolded on a second banner, with all of that floating in a sea of blue.

State of Michigan

To say it's a little busy and kind of odd is an understatement. There has been talk of a redesign before, particularly by ArtPrize's Rick DeVos, who began talk of a new state flag back in June.

So Lovelace decided to throw out a new option.

He's known for doing redesigns on various state flags and corporate logos on his web site,

The Lovelace version is a simple three stripe design, common to many national flags. The colors are a soothing blue, green and white, with a pretty good sized buck walking down the center stripe.

For the flag of Michigan, I draw inspiration from the geography of the state. Michigan is unique in that it consists of two separate landmasses, separated and defined by the Great Lakes. So I started with a Reflex Blue stripe across the middle of the flag, representing the Strait of Mackinac that cuts the state in half, as well as the Great Lakes as a whole.


The top and bottom stripes of the flag represent the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, respectively. They also represent the white winters and green summers of the state.

So, what do you think?

Steve Loveless