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Olympic Medals . . . Shani Davis Failed to Medal, But We're Back in the Top 5

We won two medals yesterday and both were in the ladies' halfpipe.  Snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington won the gold, and Kelly Clark took the bronze.  But speedskater Shani Davis will go home empty-handed after failing to win his third straight gold medal in the men's 1000 meters.  He finished eighth.

Wednesday Gold Medal Standings:


1.  Germany had 6 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze.


2.  Canada had 4 Gold, 4 Silver, and 2 Bronze.


3.  Norway had 4 Gold, 3 Silver, and 5 Bronze.


4.  The Netherlands had 4 Gold, 2 Silver, and 4 Bronze.


5.  The United States had 3 Gold, 1 Silver, and 5 Bronze.

You can check the updated medal counts at

For the First Time Ever, There Was a Tie for Gold in Alpine Skiing

The first-ever TIE FOR GOLD in alpine skiing happened yesterday.  Tina Maze of Slovenia and Dominique Gisin of Switzerland both finished with a time of 41.57 seconds in the women's downhill.  There have been five ties for skiing events in the past, but they were for lower medals.  And there have only been EIGHT gold medal ties in any event in Winter Olympics history. 

(The Wire)

When Athletes Aren't Competing, They're Hooking Up or Eating McDonald's

So what do Olympians do during all their downtime at the Olympics?  Apparently they HOOK UP and EAT MCDONALD'S.  The hook-up app Tinder is supposedly HUGE among the athletes at the Olympic Village.  Also, they all get free, unlimited McDonald's . . . so that might be just as popular as getting-it-on.

(Valleywag / Deadspin) 

Three Olympic Randoms



1.  Ireen Wust from the Netherlands won a gold medal in speed skating on Sunday . . . and that was a big deal since she's openly GAY.  And VLADIMIR PUTIN and Russia have obviously NOT been down with gays leading up to the Olympics.  So this is a video that doesn't make any sense . . . it's Putin hugging Wust after she won her medal.  (Gawker)




2.  There's some controversy in Lebanon over one of their Olympians, a skier named Jackie Chamoun.  She posed for some risqué photos last year, but a behind-the-scenes video shows actual nudity . . . unlike the photos.



She was officially reprimanded by Lebanon's Olympic committee . . . so now, people are showing support by posting nude photos of THEMSELVES on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag "#StripForJackie."  (ABC News)

3.  As if being an Olympic skier who does slopestyle trick skiing won't get you LAID enough . . . a U.S. slopestyle skier named Gus Kenworthy just posted photos of himself with some ADORABLE STRAY PUPPIES he found in Sochi.



He says he's planning to bring the puppies back to the U.S. with him and he's already contacted kennels and made vaccination appointments.  (CBS Sports) 

Olympic Video Round-Up:  Skiers Get Taken Out by Lasers . . . An Olympian Videobombs a Report About Himself . . . and NBC's Lester Holt Tries to Dance



Here's a round-up of a few Olympics videos you should check out:



1.  A Danish TV show took footage of skiers crashing on the moguls course, but combined it with footage of those huge "At-At" vehicles from the "Star Wars" movies, so it looks like the skiers fall down because they're being shot by LASERS.



(Search for "Star Wars OL.")




2.  An NBC reporter named Randy Moss was reporting on a shoulder injury of American nordic combined skier named TODD LODWICK.  And Lodwick was right BEHIND him the entire time, but he didn't notice.



Then when he finally did, he turned around patted him on the shoulder twice . . . and it was the INJURED shoulder.



(Search for "Todd Lodwick Videobombs Report About Himself."  Lodwick shows up at :07, and the reporter sees him at :54.)

3.  And finally, NBC's LESTER HOLT interviewed U.S. luger KATE HANSEN yesterday.  She's the one who dances before every race to warm up.  And Holt tried to mimic her routine . . . but he's a TERRIBLE dancer.



The 25 Best Romantic Comedies Since "When Harry Met Sally" has put together a list of The 25 Best Romantic Comedies of the Past 25 Years . . . and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is #1, followed by "Notting Hill" and the recent movie, "Her".

1.  "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", 2004


2.  "Notting Hill", 1999


3.  "Her", 2013


4.  "Punch-Drunk Love", 2002


5.  "Groundhog Day", 1993


6.  "Defending Your Life", 1991


7.  "There's Something About Mary", 1998


8.  "Silver Linings Playbook", 2012


9.  "Enough Said", 2013

10.  "Jerry Maguire", 1996


11.  "The Triumph of Love", 2001


12.  "Clueless", 1995


13.  "The Wedding Banquet", 1993


14.  "The Proposal", 2009


15.  "About a Boy", 2002


16.  "The Wedding Singer", 1998


17.  "Bridget Jones's Diary", 2001


18.  "Knocked Up", 2007


19.  "Sleepless in Seattle", 1993


20.  "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", 2008


21.  "50 First Dates", 2004


22.  "13 Going On 30", 2004


23.  "I Love You, Phillip Morris", 2009


24.  "Chasing Amy", 1997


25.  "10 Things I Hate About You", 1999



(You can find brief write-ups on each movie in a slideshow at

23 Celebrities Who Are Flying Solo This Valentine's Day has a list of celebrities who will be UN-HITCHED for Valentine's Day this year . . . at least, as far as we know.  It includes:  Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, George Clooney, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, John Stamos and Ryan Gosling, who just broke up with Eva Mendes earlier this month.

The list includes:  Miley Cyrus, Michael Cera, Rihanna, George Clooney, Selena Gomez, John Stamos, Zac Efron, Cameron Diaz, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling, who supposedly just broke up with Eva Mendes.



Sandra Bullock, Jared Leto, Sheryl Crow, Taye Diggs, Chelsea Handler, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, assuming he isn't nailing the girl he was with when he was arrested last month . . .



Miranda Kerr, Colin Farrell, Kristen Stewart, and January Jones.  ( has the full list of 36 single celebrities, along with their last known significant other, according to the tabloids at least.)

27 Sex Songs For Your Valentine's Day Activities 

:  The "Huffington Post" has put out a list of 27 Sex Songs For Your Valentine's Day Activities.  It includes:  Shaggy's "Boombastic", Usher's "Seduction", Juvenile's "Back That Azz Up", Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On".

"Boombastic", Shaggy


"One in a Million",  Aaliyah


"Too Close", Next


"Seduction", Usher


"Pour Some Sugar on Me", Def Leppard


"Love in an Elevator", Aerosmith


"You Shook Me All Night Long",  AC/DC


"Dark Horse", Katy Perry


"Back That Azz Up", Juvenile featuring Mannie Fresh and Lil Wayne


"Play", David Banner


"Let's Get It On", Marvin Gaye



( has the full list, along with audio of each song.)


Tabloid Trash:  Is Taylor Swift "Undateable" Because She Writes Songs About All Her Exes? 

"Life & Style" magazine says TAYLOR SWIFT is, quote, "lonely and single", and complaining to friends that she's UNDATEABLE.  Supposedly, guys are AFRAID to hook up with her, because she's always writing breakup songs about her exes.  A source even says she went on a desperate MAN-HUNT at Golden Globes after-parties last month.

A source says, quote, "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Taylor's tendency to write songs about every guy she's dated is a massive turnoff that scares guys away."



Another source says Taylor went on a desperate MAN-HUNT at Golden Globes after-parties last month.

Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  Today's menu includes toe of camel, brought to you by LISA RINNA.




2.  If ever a booty was tailor-made for booty shorts, it was the booty of JENNIFER LOPEZ.  (And here are some more pics you might like.)




3.  Whether you're into MADONNA or not, you have to admit she can still pull some nice cleavage.  (Listen to Madonna talk about her "love / hate relationship" with her body here.)





4.  REGINA HALL from the "Scary Movie" flicks showed some crazy side-boob at a movie premiere.




5.  Is gay NFL prospect MICHAEL SAM dating this skinny white guy?




6.  Nothing creepy about this:  For "Woman Crush Wednesday" on Instagram, KIM KARDASHIAN posted a picture of her mother on a stripper pole.

Tom Hanks Is This Year's "Most Trustworthy" Celebrity has just released their annual list of the Most Trustworthy Celebrities.  TOM HANKS was #1, followed by CAROL BURNETT and MORGAN FREEMAN.   No one in the Top 10 is younger than 50.

Here's the Top 10, and some proof that with maturity and longevity comes "trust."



1.  Tom Hanks, who's 57 . . . and has been in showbiz for nearly 35 years

2.  Carol Burnett, who's 80 . . . and has been in showbiz for nearly 60 years

3.  Morgan Freeman, who's 76 . . . and has been in showbiz for about 50 years

4.  Michael J. Fox, who's 52 . . . and has been in showbiz for about 40 years

5.  Betty White, who's 92 . . . and has been in showbiz for about 75 years

6.  Bill Cosby, who's 76 . . . and has been in showbiz for over 50 years

7.  Robin Roberts, who's 53 . . . and has been around for about 30 years

8.  Denzel Washington, who's 59 . . . and has been in showbiz for about 40 years

9.  "Downton Abbey" star Maggie Smith, who's 79 . . . and has been around for over 60 years

10.  Ron Howard, who's 59 . . . and has been around for basically his whole life.  He had his first role at age three . . . his first major role at age five . . . and scored his role on "The Andy Griffith Show" the following year, when he was six.

That's right, no one in the Top 10 is younger than 50.

(For more information, hit up . . . which includes a slideshow of the Top 10 with each celebrity's trustworthy and appeal "scores.")

Showbiz Videos of the Day:  A Limp Bizkit / Thomas the Tank Engine Mash-Up, Lindsay Sings Stevie and Neil Patrick Harris Sings Himself to Sleep 

1.  (NC-17)  You'd be surprised just how well LIMP BIZKIT'S "Break Stuff" can be mashed up with the theme from "Thomas the Tank Engine".  (WARNING!!!  This thing is LOADED with uncensored profanity.)




2.  LINDSAY LOHAN sang the STEVIE NICKS classic "Edge of Seventeen" at some rich guy's 50th birthday in New York, and she OWNED it.



This is apparently one of Lindsay's favorite songs.  She even did a version for her 2005 album "A Little More Personal".  (Check it out here.  She sings it well, but she definitely lacks Stevie's grit and gravity.)




3.  NEIL PATRICK HARRIS made a music video for a product called Neuro Sleep . . . which is apparently like an anti-energy drink, but it's supposedly made with, quote, "the highest quality nature-derived ingredients."


Comedy Legend Sid Caesar Has Died 

Comedy legend SID CAESAR died yesterday in Los Angeles.  He was 91.  Caesar's '50s variety series, "Your Show of Shows", was a precursor to "Saturday Night Live", and employed Mel Brooks, Woody Allen and Neil Simon as writers.  Caesar also played Coach Calhoun in "Grease" and "Grease 2".

Derek Jeter Will Retire After This Season 

New York Yankees shortstop DEREK JETER will retire after this coming season.  He says, quote, "I've experienced so many defining moments in my career . . . through it all, I've never stopped chasing the next one.  I want to finally stop the chase and take in the world."

Oscar Losers Take Home a $55,000 Gift Bag.  Here's What's Inside 

There's a $55,000 gift bag for Oscar LOSERS that includes trips to Japan, Vegas, Mexico and Hawaii, plus a home spa system and $6,000 worth of DOG FOOD.


A Walk Japan tour of Japan, valued at $15,000.


A "Best of Vegas" tour package worth $9,000.


$6,000 worth of Halo Natural Pet Food.  (???)


A Steamist home spa system worth $2,650.


A $500 house call from a nutritionist.


An art print worth $1,000.



Plus trips to Mexico and Hawaii, expensive handbags, jewelry and shoes, and even vodka.  (Check out an even longer, but still PARTIAL, list here.)

Sadly, if you're a nominee for Best Sound Mixing or Best Animated Short Film, you get NOTHING.  This gift bag is only for the losers who DON'T NEED IT . . . mainly the actors and directors.

Thursday TV Reminders:



"Primetime Olympics Coverage" . . . from 8:00 to 11:30 P.M. on NBC.  Thursday's events include the men's figure skating short program, the women's 500-meter short track, and the ladies' 1,000-meter speed skating race.



Here are some details if you'd like to try to catch some results in real time:

. . . The ladies' 10-kilometer Cross-Country event starts at 5:00 a.m. Eastern.  Sophie Caldwell is the only American to make it past the quarterfinals for this race.

. . . The ladies' 500-meter Short Track skating event starts at 7:05 a.m. Eastern.  Emily Scott is our horse in this race, assuming she makes it past the quarterfinals.

. . . The ladies' 1000-meter Speed Skating race begins at 9:00 a.m. Eastern.  We've got five girls in it, but Heather Richardson might be the one to watch.  She came in fourth place in the 500-meter race.

. . . The men's Figure Skating short program is at 10:00 a.m. Eastern.  Our guys are Jeremy Abbott and Jason Brown.  The medals won't be handed out until tomorrow, after today's score gets added to their free skating scores.

. . . And the Luge team relay competition is 11:15 a.m. Eastern.  Erin Hamlin is the only female on our team, but she's also the only one with a medal.  She won bronze in the women's singles.



"American Idol". . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on Fox.  The semifinalists are announced.

Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:



"Letterman" - Bill Murray ("The Monuments Men").  Music Guest: Eagulls.  (Repeat)



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Kevin Hart ("About Last Night") and Alex Pettyfer ("Endless Love").  Music Guest:  Sage the Gemini.



"Arsenio" - "Walking Dead" minx Lauren Cohan, "Almost Human's" Michael Ealy, and a performance from Sean Paul.



"Conan" - Gary Oldman ("Robocop"), sex expert Dr. Jennifer Berman, and Ron Funches from NBC's "Undateable".



"Craig Ferguson" - Abbie Cornish ("Robocop") and Matt LeBlanc.



"Chelsea Lately" - Demi Lovato.

The Latest "Now!" Disc Is the New #1 Album in the Country

Here's this week's full Top 10 . . . 



1.  (NEW)  "Now That's What I Call Music 49"  (98,000 copies)  


2.  The "Frozen" soundtrack  (88,000 copies) 


3.  "Unorthodox Jukebox", Bruno Mars  (81,000 copies)


4.  (NEW)  "Love, Marriage & Divorce", Toni Braxton and Babyface  (67,000 copies)


5.  (NEW)  "After the Disco", Broken Bells  (44,000 copies)


6.  (NEW)  "Salute", Little Mix  (43,000 copies)


7.  Beyoncé's self-titled album  (38,000 copies)    


8.  "Pure Heroine", Lorde  (35,000 copies)


9.  The "2014 Grammy Nominees" compilation album  (35,000 copies)


10.  "Prism", Katy Perry  (27,000 copies)

Today's Showbiz Minute:  Paula Deen Is Making a Comeback . . . Whoopi Goldberg Advises You Not to Get "Poop-Faced" . . . And More  

PAULA DEEN was ROCKED last June, after admitting to using the N-word . . . even though she INSISTED she's not racist.  In the aftermath, she was dropped from the Food Network and lost a ton of endorsements.

However, she's poised to make a comeback, because her company has just received a BIG investment, which is reportedly worth between $75 million and $100 million.  There's no word what she has in the works, but it might involve a return to TV.

On "The View" yesterday, the yentas were discussing a controversial "Wall Street Journal" article on rape, which suggests that victims should SHARE in the blame if BOTH people were hammered when the incident happened.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG defended that take . . . in an interesting way.  She said, quote, "My opinion is, if you don't want this kind of attention, don't get poop-faced.  Do not get poop-faced . . .

"Don't become so drunk you don't know what is happening . . . both parties, if you don't want the agitation, do not become so drunk you can't figure out what the hell you're doing."  ( has video.)

72% of Women Won't Check Facebook on Valentine's Day, to Avoid People Bragging

According to a new survey, 72% of women say they WON'T check Facebook tomorrow.  The single women don't want to see their friends bragging about how amazing their relationships are . . . and the ones IN relationships don't want to see other people's Valentine's Day presents that are better than the ones they got.

(Digital Journal)


How To Wake Someone Up on Valentine's Day . . . and Three Other Valentine Stats

Tomorrow, your partner wants you to wake them up for Valentine's Day with either coffee and breakfast . . . saying "I love you" . . . or initiating sex.  You've got to figure out which.  And another study found both men and women who watch PORN have more SEX than men and women who don't.

1.  According to a new survey, your partner wants you to wake them up with one of THREE things for Valentine's Day:  Coffee and breakfast . . . saying "I love you" . . . or initiating sex.  Which one do they want?  You gotta figure that out.  (PR Newswire)



2.  A new study found that both men and women who watch PORN also have MORE SEX than men and women who don't watch porn.  Apparently you're either a RANDY person or you're not.  (Huffington Post)



3.  Chubby men LAST LONGER in bed.  In a study, heavier men lasted an average of 7.3 minutes, skinnier men went 1.8 minutes.  The theory is that heavier men have higher levels of a female sex hormone called estradiol . . . which delays the climax.  (io9)



4.  I'm not sure if this is a GREAT or HORRIBLE way to spend Valentine's Day.  A McDonald's in Tampa is hosting a romantic dinner tomorrow complete with reservations, candles, flowers on the table, and waiters.



Same old McDonald's menu, though.  (Tampa Bay Times)

The Average Happily Married Couple Kisses 10 Times a Week, Has Three Arguments a Month, and Sex Three Times a Week

A new survey found the average statistics of a happily married couple.  They say "I love you" 10 times a week . . . have sex three times a week . . . have three date nights a month . . . have three arguments a month . . . and go on two bigger vacations and two mini-vacations together a year.

Says "I love you" 10 times a week.


Kisses 10 times a week.


Has sex three times a week.


Has 10 deep and meaningful conversations a month.


Has three date nights a month.


Drinks together twice a month.


Has three arguments a month.


Spend two nights out apart with their own friends per month.


And goes on two bigger vacations and two mini-vacations together per year.



The survey also found the number one thing that makes for a perfect marriage is . . . accepting each other's faults.  The rest of the top five are trust, honesty, respecting each other, and supporting each other.  (Daily Mail)

The Top 10 Signs Your Relationship Is Serious


Just in time for Valentine's Day, a new survey came up with the top signs your relationship is serious.  A few of the highlights are taking care of each other when you're sick . . . telling each other how much money you make . . . BREAKING WIND in front of each other . . . and their friends adding you on Facebook.

1.  Seeing each other at least every other night.


2.  They take care of you when you're sick.


3.  Driving each other's cars.


4.  Telling each other how much money you make.


5.  Talking about spending future holidays together.


6.  BREAKING WIND in front of each other.


7.  Asking for each other's opinion on stuff . . . and not being afraid to be critical when you give that opinion.


8.  Telling each other how many previous sexual partners you've had.


9.  Watching TV shows you never watched before because THEY like them.


10.  Their friends start adding you on Facebook.  (FemaleFirst) 

Five Random Facts For Thursday

1.  Superman was originally supposed to be a BAD GUY.  Jerry Siegle created Superman in 1933 for a short story called "The Reign of the Superman".  A year later, he decided it made more sense for him to be a hero.



2.  No matter HOW scrambled a Rubik's Cube is, there's a way to solve it within 20 moves.



3.  The YMCA initially threatened to SUE the VILLAGE PEOPLE over the song "YMCA" . . . but dropped the suit when they found their membership had gone WAY up thanks to the song.



4.  The only place ever to turn down the Olympics was . . . Colorado.  They were originally awarded the 1976 Winter Olympics, but in 1972, the people of Colorado overwhelmingly voted not to spend tax dollars to have the Games there.



The 1976 Winter Olympics ended up in Innsbruck, Austria instead.



5.  In 1965, before he went to Vietnam, JOHN MCCAIN was on "Jeopardy".  He was a one-day champion.  (Gizmopod / Cube20 / Wikipedia / Rocky Mountain News / Wikipedia)

You Waste 173 Days of Your Life Hitting Snooze

According to a new study, the average person spends 14 minutes a day hitting snooze.  Which adds up to 173 DAYS over the average lifetime.  The survey also found the average person finally gets out of bed at 7:12 A.M., and about one-third of people now use their PHONE as their alarm clock.

(Female First / Daily Mail)

Eating Pizza Could Keep You From Getting That Horrible Norovirus

Scientists think they've found a good way to keep you from getting NOROVIRUS . . . which is that really contagious virus that keeps hitting cruise ships and causes awful vomiting and diarrhea.  Just EAT PIZZA.  Pizza gets its flavor and smell from oregano oil . . . and oregano oil contains a chemical that can help prevent norovirus from spreading.

(U.S. News & World Report)

What's the Weirdest, Most Irrational Fear You Have?

What's the weirdest, most irrational fear you have?  A few of the best ones we've heard are:  A person who's afraid to walk down the stairs wearing glasses out of fear they'll trip, the glasses will shatter, and the glass will go into their eyes . . . and a guy who won't go snorkeling because he's afraid a seagull will poop into his snorkel.


A Huge Sinkhole Opened in the National Corvette Museum and Swallowed Eight Cars

:  A huge SINKHOLE opened in the middle of a showroom at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky yesterday, and swallowed EIGHT cars.  A spokesman wouldn't say what the total value of the cars was.  But just to give you an idea, one of the NEWER models that fell in had a base price of over $103,000 when it came out in 2009.

(USA Today / CNN /


Barbie Is Going to be in This Year's "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Issue?

It's hard for the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue to stand out in a world of infinite on-demand . . . so they need GIMMICKS.  Here's their latest one:  Their 50th swimsuit issue comes out Tuesday, and will feature . . . BARBIE.

Mattel says they wanted Barbie in because, quote, "[she's] under constant criticism about her body and how she looks . . . [this] gives Barbie an opportunity to own who she is."  (ABC News)

27 Photos of Parents Who Are Way Worse at Parenting Than You

So one time you forgot to pack your kid pretzels with his lunch.  At least you haven't posed for a selfie while he was trying to hit his baby brother with a hammer. put together a list of 27 photos of parents who are WAY WORSE at parenting than you.  Assuming none of these kids died . . . HI-larious!  (Buzzfeed)

A Woman Sends a Homophobic RSVP to a Six-Year-Old Girl . . . Because Her Two Gay Dads Are Throwing Her a Birthday Party

There's a birthday party RSVP from Baldwin, New York that's starting to go viral.  It was for a girl's 7th birthday party, being thrown by her two gay dads.  One mom wrote back that her son would NOT be attending because, quote, "I do not believe in what you do and will not subject my innocent son to your 'lifestyle.'"

(Huffington Post) 

A Woman's Family Writes an Inspirational Message in the Snow Outside Her Hospital Room . . . And Cheers Up a Ton of People

A 14-year-old in Chicago wanted to cheer up his mom while she was at the hospital on Saturday getting chemo.  So he wrote a message in the snow outside her window that said, "Hi Mom.  God Bless U."  But he ended up inspiring MORE than just her, because a bunch of OTHER patients saw it.  And now it's gone viral on Facebook.

(Chicago Tribune / ABC News / DNAInfo) 

Prince Michael Jackson, Jr. is 17.  Traumatized son of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe.



Mena Suvari is 35.  Small-chested minx from "American Pie" movies.  She was also Kevin Spacey's downfall in "American Beauty".



Adina Jewel is 35.  Nubian MATTRESS ACTRESS who has starred in 241 fine films, including "Booty Patrol", "Chocolate Vanilla Thrilla", "Chrissy the Campus Slut" AND "It Don't Matter, Just Don't Bite It 6"!



Randy Moss is 37.  49ers Wide Receiver who claims he's the best in the game, but failed to prove it during last year's the Super Bowl.



Robbie Williams is 40.  Britpop clown-ass.



Kelly Hu is 46.  Asiatic minx from "X-Men 2", "The Scorpion King", "Cradle 2 the Grave" and "SURF NINJAS"!



FREEDOM WILLIAMS! is 48.  Buffed rapper formerly in C & C Music Factory!  APB on Freedom Williams!  Somebody look under Snow AND Biz Markie!

Henry Rollins is 53.  Bad-ass from Black Flag.



Donal Gibson is 56.  The younger, more talented, and PROBABLY less anti-Semitic brother of Mel Gibson!


Donal upstaged Mel as Riverboat Poker Player in "Maverick", then again as Stewart in "Braveheart", and then took over Mel's role as the voice of John Smith for "Pocahontas 2:  Journey to a New World"!



Peter Gabriel is 64.  The BEST lead singer of Genesis.  Some of his biggest SOLO discs include 1982's "Security", which features "Shock the Monkey" and 1986's "So", which includes "In Your Eyes", "Sledgehammer" and "Big Time".



Mike Krzyzewski is 67.  Legendary Duke University basketball coach.



Jerry Springer is 70.

STOCKARD CHANNING is 70.  The thickly gorgeous First Lady on "The West Wing" AND "easy" Betty Rizzo in "Grease"!



Peter Tork from the Monkees is 72.



Kim Novak is 81.  Mature minx who played a young minx in "Vertigo".



Chuck Yeager is 91.  Former fearless test pilot.



Tennessee Ernie Ford  (1919 - 1991)  Cousin Ernie on "I Love Lucy" . . . and the genius behind "SIXTEEN TONS"!


Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 1 day to Valentine's Day

• 4 days to Fallon's "Tonight Show"

• 11 days until "The Voice" returns

• 17 days to the Oscars

• 24 days to Daylight Savings

• 1,072 days left of "Hope and Change"

472 years ago . . . in 1542 - KING HENRY THE 8TH executed his fifth wife, Catherine Howard . . . for committing adultery.

53 years ago . . . in 1961 - "Calendar Girl", by NEIL SEDAKA, peaked at #4 on the pop singles chart.

42 years ago . . . in 1972 - LED ZEPPELIN was forced to cancel their Singapore concert when officials wouldn't let them off the plane . . . BECAUSE OF THEIR LONG HAIR.

42 years ago . . . in 1972 - The movie "Cabaret" was released . . . starring LIZA MINNELLI.  She won the Best Actress Oscar for it.  See?  She wasn't always a PICKLED JOKE.

36 years ago . . . in 1978 - "AL GREEN DAY" WAS DECLARED IN LOS ANGELES!  (I STILL celebrate it.)

32 years ago . . . in 1982 - The 300-pound gravestone on the resting place of LYNYRD SKYNYRD singer RONNIE VAN ZANT was stolen by drunken hillbillies out of an Orange Park, Florida, cemetery.  Police found it two weeks later in a dry riverbed.

32 years ago . . . in 1982 - LOVERBOY'S "Working For The Weekend" peaked at #29 on the pop chart!

27 years ago . . . in 1987 - "Mannequin" was released . . . starring "Sex and the City" minx Kim Cattrall, superstar Andrew McCarthy AND ESTELLE GETTY!

26 years ago . . . in 1988 - MICHAEL JACKSON bought a Santa Ynez, California, ranch that he'd eventually name "NEVERLAND".



16 years ago . . . in 1998 - THE EAGLES sued the National Foundation to Protect America's Eagles, claiming the organization infringed on the band's name and image.  Don Henley and his poorly-disguised corporate greed machine lost.



14 years ago . . . in 2000 - The last NEW "Peanuts" strip ran in Sunday papers, the day after CHARLES SCHULZ died.  Now the question is . . . WHEN WILL "PEANUTS" DIE?



12 years ago . . . in 2002 - The great WAYLON JENNINGS passed away at his home in Arizona at the age of 64.  Cause of death:  Diabetes-related illness.



Nine years ago . . . in 2005 - RAY CHARLES won EIGHT posthumous Grammys, including Album of the Year for "Genius Loves Company".  PLUS:  BRITNEY SPEARS won her FIRST Grammy (Best Dance Recording for "Toxic") and BILL CLINTON won his second.


(It was for Best Spoken Word Album, for "My Life".)



Eight years ago . . . in 2006 - LOU FERRIGNO . . . a.k.a. THE INCREDIBLE HULK . . . was sworn in as a reserve deputy sheriff of Los Angeles County.



Two years ago . . . in 2012 - ADELE won all six categories she was nominated for at the Grammys . . . including song, album, record, and music video of the year.