Leave it to Reddit to yet again fill our lives with the goodness of this.

A Reddit user asked what other people had done when they thought nobody was around. Sure, there was the average car window/mirror check while someone was in the car, or dancing like crazy when you thought you were alone. However, there were so many others that were so much more AWESOME!

"I was staying at a nice hotel with a great pool.  I was the only one there so I started messing around and doing synchronized swimming moves.  That's when I saw a family eating breakfast and watching me.  I'm a 51-year-old man."

"I was pretending to be a Velociraptor from "Jurassic Park" in the hallway at work.  Turns out we have security cameras with guards watching."

"I was walking past a parked car with the window rolled down and two fluffy dogs inside.  They started barking at me, so I barked back.  It went back and forth . . . until I realized there were people in the backseat."

"I was doing a self-help hypnosis thing to lose weight and it included reciting mantras in the mirror to yourself like, "I am strong.  I can be thin."  I was doing it in the men's room at my office when I heard a flush and my boss walked out of a stall."