If you looked around your house right now there’s a good chance you have something in there that is totally useless.

Members of your family don’t count.

The thought came to me as I was changing my bed sheets and once again decided to forego the flat sheet. You know, the sheet that goes on top of your fitted sheet, below your comforter.

In the off chance I do decide to make my bed, the last thing I would want is extra time and more work added on to the bed-making process. Plus, at some point during your slumber you know they’re just going to get bunched up and tangled.

I honestly couldn’t answer the point of having a flat sheet so I turned to the one who has all the answers… Martha Stewart. What I discovered was that top sheets are meant to be a layer between your body and comforter, protecting it from getting dirty quickly. Hence, not having to wash your comforter often. This makes total sense but honestly I’m pretty comfortable with my germs and stank. YOLO!

All in all, there was no one right answer. Some people are Team Top Sheet others are not. So what it comes down to is just do what makes you comfortable.

As for me, I tried. I really did. A few months ago I attempted to incorporate the top sheet into my routine again, but, somehow they found their way back into their permanent home – the linen closet.

What about you? Do you sleep with the flat sheet or do you think its as pointless as I do?

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