Reddit users were asked about embarrassing things their child has said. The answers will crack you up!

1.  "We grew up in a predominately white neighborhood.  The first time my brother saw a black guy in person, he yelled, 'Mom!  That guy looks like MICHAEL JORDAN!'"

2.  "When I was little, my family went to a restaurant and the hostess asked if we wanted the smoking or non-smoking section.  My mom said 'non-smoking' because she didn't smoke.  I said, 'But you smoke pot, mommy!'  Which was true."

3.  "My family was at Subway and a very large man came in with his belly hanging out of his shirt.  My little sister said, 'I see someone's belly!' then ran over to tickle it."

4.  "My three-year-old snuck up behind me and hit my elbow with a plastic baseball bat.  I was so surprised and in pain I yelled the F-word.  A few days later, my wife took him to Toys 'R' Us, he hit her with a foam sword, and yelled the F-word."

5.  "My four-year-old son was fascinated by a little person in line ahead of us at the grocery store, and asked me loudly if we could try to catch one."