Here’s what’s trending for Tuesday:

1) Lonely Dog Gets Adopted

Yesterday there was a Facebook post that went viral after this weekend’s EMPTY THE SHELTER event sponsored by Bissell Pet Foundation.  One dog was left behind at the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society.

His name is Eastwood and he's a special needs Labrador.  The facebook post said he was going to need a leg surgery of some sort later in life and it would cost upwards of $4,000 when that time came, so they were being very cautious as to who adopted him; but after all the other animals were adopted Saturday, Eastwood was sad and lonely.

Well, MLive is reporting now that after more than 80 applications they found someone to adopt him – actually, the shelter had a line of people waiting Tuesday morning to adopt Eastwood… such a great ending to a sad viral story


2) Jimmy Kimmel Talks About Son's Birth and Health Scare

Jimmy Kimmel and his wife welcomed their second child this past weekend and it was found that the newborn had a heart defect and required open heart surgery… at THREE DAYS OLD! Well, good news is he’s home safe and sound, but Jimmy went into a very heartfelt plea about Affordable Care Act and why everyone needs insurance.  His big pitch is no one should ever have to worry or question if they can afford to keep their newborn baby alive.