Hey, it's Fish and we ended up having a little bit of a debate this morning about Mother's Day and Father's Day.  It came about We were doing the “Text Question of the Day” today (Why would you not win a “Mother of the Year” award this year?) when we got this text:

Well I am pretty sure I will not be getting the mother of the Year award or even anything for Mother's Day because I had a female to male sex change now I'm Daddy not Mommy

This started a mass debate in the studio between Connie and Fish.  Why, you ask?  Connie said that makes total sense and now both dads would celebrate Father’s Day.  Fish felt the opposite because it isn’t fair to original Dad that he has to share the day and that new Daddy should still celebrate #MothersDay while old Daddy gets #FathersDay.  Here are a few text responses:

  • My Ex came out as trans and there is no way in effing hell he should get mothers day gifts! HE is not their mother.
  • NO, mother's Day is out. because now mommy is a male. a father. So Father's Day becomes a shared holiday.
  • No mommy is mommy will always be mommy but good for her whatever makes her happy
  • I agree. Don't steal daddy's day! You carried your child like a mommy, you're that part.
  • Original mom should only have Mother’s Day!

What do you think?  Let us know in the comments!