The gender wage gap has been a huge issue for as long as women have been in the workforce. In general, men have always made more money than woman, even when they are both qualified for the same position. So when will that change? Not for a very, very long time.

According to a new study from the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report men and women won't have equal pay until 170 years from now! That's the year 2186!! And not until then will women make up for half of the world's bosses.

The report looks at differences between men and women, in 144 countries, in different categories including education, health and economics. Overall, America placed #45 when it came to gender equality, down from #28 last year.The Nordic nations (Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden) and Rwanda had the smallest amount of a gender gap.

Although the U.S. ranked #1 for the amount of men and women enrolled in colleges, and even though more women than men are pursuing a higher education, the pay gap still favors the latter.

The U.S. saw its biggest gender disparity in political empowerment, coming in at #73.

All in all, not one single country has completely closed the gender gap but the top 5 countries have closed more than 80% of it.

The report states that, economically, things will get worse for women (all over the world) before they get better. technology displaces some jobs in developing nations."

SOURCE: Detroit Free Press