Someone posting to the Grand Rapids subreddit has a reader wondering if US 131 is the worst freeway in the area. I say no, but you can weigh in on your choice.

After a harrowing encounter with an office chair on US 131, a person in the Grand Rapids subreddit who goes by i_let_the_doge_out wondered aloud, "Is 131 the worst roadway in Grand Rapids?"

I'm legitimately wondering if anyone has any idea why 131 seems so much worse than other highways in the GR area?

I swear every time I drive on 131 something weird happens. It seems like people are constantly crashing or losing stuff from their cars. Just this morning I was on 131 south and an office chair fell out of someones truck and blocked the whole left lane. Maybe it's just confirmation bias, but I swear I never see this type of stuff on 96/196.

Most of the commenters seem to side with "doge", swapping stories of their own near misses and hits.

I hit a steel beam on 131 in my brand new car a few Saturday's ago on my way to bay city. Broke the rim and ruined the tire. There was a ladder a half mile before it I avoided. Not good


I saw a whole entire window, a ladder blocking two lanes, and a dresser on the S curve. I think the curves / speeds make things more likely to fall off / out of cars


Once I was driving south on 131 and a tire flew off a car heading north. It jumped the divider and missed my car by inches! I’ve never been so freaked out in my life! I hate 131!!


It is way more aggressive drivers trying to go 80 from 28th to West River than bad highway design.
When the speed limit dropped to 55 at 28th street, it meant that when you got to Wealthy and the S-Curve people were usually going 60-70 behind you. Everyone had plenty of time and space.
Now the limit is 70 so people want to go 83. And if you're getting off at Wealthy and you start to slow down and indicate you're GETTING OFF THE HIGHWAY they'll ride your bumper and flash you.


I drive it daily from Rockford to Leonard and that Leonard exit is a B. Crossing 4 lanes of traffic while everyone’s going 90.. pedal to the floor and hope and pray!

Of course, there's always that one commenter who is better than the rest of us:

Wow, somehow I have managed to miss the 131 drama. Chilling in the middle lane at 75 with lots of following distance and watching for brake lights way ahead has always worked nicely.

Well, good for you, chief, we're ALL happy for you.

I have always found the stretch of road westbound on the Ford freeway (I-196) between downtown and 44th Street to be the most daunting. The entrance ramps are in odd places and the constant curves and lanes ending are tough to negotiate when the traffic flow is heavy.

Which freeway to YOU think is the worst in Grand Rapids?

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