We have two adorable kid videos to show you today and we need your help in determining which kid is funnier.

The first kid in today's contest is a 9-year-old from Minnesota who accidentally won a 10k race.  He entered into the 5k and accidentally followed the path for the 10k instead of continuing down the route for the 5k run.  After about halfway through the race, he thought to himself "this is a really long 5K. This is not as usual".  Here is his interview with the local Fox station:

The second kid in the contest is an adorable little girl who just got some brand new "yipstick" from her favorite store "Homey Depot".  The video was shot by her dad and shows the daughter with some very generously applied yipstick.  Here is the video from Twitter:

So, which kid do you think is funnier?  Vote in our poll below!