Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer became a Detroit Piston for a day. She participated in drills with a few players and assisting the coaching staff and trainers at their practice facility in midtown Detroit.

@biggretchwhitmerNothing but net 🏀 So excited for tonight’s ##NBAdraft that I stepped up to the line with @detroitpistons♬ original sound - BigGretchWhitmer

It was part of her initiative to do mock internships with various companies around the state, trying to connect and bring some positivity in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Whitmer said of the experience,

"I think it’s important to get out and about. This last year has been really isolating and you add COVID on top of everything else, and getting an opportunity to engage to see people in their different workplaces so that I can do everything in my role to support and to encourage growth and business of all types in Michigan is something that is a driving force for the work that I’m doing as governor.”


Whitmer played basketball in high school and was familiar with the basketball movements. At one point, she had aspirations of becoming a sports broadcaster.


Governor Whitmer said there are analogies between governing and sports. Pistons coach Dwane Casey commented,

"One thing about Governor Whitmer is the fact that she’s a team player. She relates well to everybody, that’s what you know we need in our state and our country, is someone who can unite, relate and understand people. I think she’s the person to help us bring our state together and, in turn, our country. I just want to thank her so much for coming by here because we’re both on a mission."

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