I really don't have to describe how cold it is, but maybe if we remember summer it will all be better?

Who is with me when I say, mother nature owes us the BEST summer West Michigan has ever seen! Scratch that, the best summer that Michigan in general has ever seen, with emphasis on West Michigan. Is that fair?

What I would give to not have stains on the bottom of my pant legs from the road salt, or the fresh snow falling on my driver's seat when I open the door, see...


How about a bill from the power company that doesn't blow over $150?

I got on Facebook yesterday and decided it was time to think warm. I asked about your favorite things to do in the summer. I think I felt a bit better after I read through some of these, let me know if it has the same effect on you!



Okay if that didn't work, check this out. I snapped this when was running the trails up north last summer. This is from a trail next to Little Traverse Bay in Petoskey...



Feel warm yet? If not, here's another...


The payoff is coming! Hang in there!