Who plays young Queen Charlotte on Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story?

Bridgerton fans are buzzing about the upcoming prequel spin-off featuring the young monarch.

Based on the hit book series of the same name, the Regency-era drama became an overnight hit when the first season premiered in 2020. Season 1 featured the romance between Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke, while Season 2 followed Daphne's brother Anthony's enemies-to-lovers romance with Kate Sharma.

Now, Bridgerton is diving into the backstory of fan-favorite Queen Charlotte — the clever, complex royal who oversees the ton's love-struck seasons of balls, glamor and dance cards.

According to Collider, Queen Charlotte is not featured in the book series the show is based off. The character is currently played by Golda Rosheuvel on Netflix's Bridgerton and will be played by India Amarteifio on the upcoming prequel spin-off.

Here's everything we know about the upcoming Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

Who Is India Amarteifio?

India Amarteifio is the young actress who plays Queen Charlotte on Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. She is 21.

Amarteifio is known for her work on Sex EducationLine of Duty and Doctor Who, as well as a handful of other television show appearances.

What Is Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story About?

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story takes place in the 1810s and explores the queen's romance with King George III.

According to a Netflix synopsis, Charlotte becomes betrothed to the king against her will. The series follows her marriage to the king and the rise of people of color, such as Lady Danbury becoming influential in the ton's society.

Collider reports Tudum described the relationship between Queen Charlotte and King George III as a "great love story."

The prequel also features the growing friendship between Lady Danbury and Lady Bridgerton in their youth.

Is There a Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Release Date Yet?

The release date for Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story has yet to be revealed. However, production began in April 2022 and wrapped in early September 2022, which means it will most likely come out sometime in 2023.

The limited series spin-off will feature eight episodes.

Watch the first look teaser, below.

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