Whoopi Goldberg has been temporarily suspended from The View following her controversial comments on the Holocaust. On Monday’s episode of the popular daytime talk show, Goldberg expressed her opinion that the evils of the Holocaust were “not about race” but rather “about man’s inhumanity to man.”

Her viewpoint quickly garnered attention online, prompting Goldberg to post an apology to Twitter. In her statement, she clarified her stance on the issue, writing that she “should have said it is about both.” Read Goldberg’s full message below:

On the following episode of The View, Goldberg took a moment to address the situation. “I said something that I feel a responsibility for not leaving unexamined, because my words upset so many people, which was never my intention,” she said. “I understand why now, and for that I am deeply, deeply grateful because the information I got was really helpful, and it helped me understand some different things.”

Despite her apology, ABC has decided to suspend Goldberg from The View for two weeks, according to CNN. Kim Godwin, president of ABC News, stated that “while Whoopi has apologized, I've asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments.”

While the situation seems to have been resolved, we have yet to see if the results of Goldberg’s comments will affect any future career opportunities. Currently, Goldberg is expected to make her return to the Star Trek universe as El-Aurian bartender Guinan on Star Trek: Picard Season 2, which airs on Paramount+ beginning March 3.

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