Michigan is the tenth angriest state in the union. So what gives, Michigan? We have legal pot, just chill out a bit, will you?

The web site BestLife determined the ten angriest states in America based on several factors:

* Road Rage incidents

* Internet trolls

* Hate speech and crimes

Michigan was the tenth angriest state. Look, guys, I know the potholes aren't getting fixed and the shutdowns have weighed on our last nerve, but is it any reason to get upset?

Sometimes that anger you vent on others can be appropriately released elsewhere. Have you tried scream therapy? Or a break room, where you can smash stuff without consequences? Sometimes just a good exercise session helps me blow off steam.

I understand it's tough out there. I feel it. But there are better ways to vent your anger then screaming at someone who doesn't deserve it. Fix yourself, Michigan.

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