Why doesn't the Michigan Department of Natural Resources move the opening day of deer firearm season?

I am not talking anything drastic about moving Michigan's opening day of the firearm deer season, just something that works better for the working person.

For as long as I can remember, firearm deer season has always started on November 15 and lasts until November 30.

Not everyone who works can take time off to enjoy the firearm deer season, leaving hunters only weekends to hunt.

This year Michigan's firearm season began on a Monday and will end on a Tuesday. Many hunters will miss the first four days of the season and the last two days of the season because of work. This system causes many hunters not to hunt at all.

Time and time again, I hear Michigan's hunter numbers are declining, and less money is being spent across the state.

I was born and raised in Michigan and spent most of my young adult life here deer hunting. When I was younger, it didn't matter when the opening day was because I didn't have the responsibilities as an adult like many other Michiganders.

I did spend 18 years living in Indiana. I am not comparing the two states, but I did prefer how Indiana has their firearm deer season start on the closest Saturday to November 15 each year, allowing hunters to have three weekends to hunt.

If Michigan moved to this method of the opening day of deer season starting on the Saturday closest to November 15, this would allow all hunters to have a chance to hunt opening day. Also, with more hunters in the woods, there would be a higher number of deer kills opening weekend.

This move would likely lead to more hunting licenses purchased but more revenue for the state and businesses associated with deer hunting. At the same time, this would not affect the deer and their breeding season one bit.

Moving opening day seems like a no-brainer to me, but I don't work for the DNR. Hopefully, the DNR will see this story and do the right thing for the state and us hunters who work during the Michigan firearm deer season.

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